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MFilter filters

Online filter shop.

Here you will find quality filters made in Lithuania for various indoor ventilation systems, recuperators and other air filtration systems.

Air is vital for the human body, air allows a person to live, and with quality air – a quality life.

Recuperation ventilation systems maintain the supply of fresh air. The filters in them catch harmful and unwanted particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores, fluff, ash, sand and other hard particles into the premises. In order for the air filtration to work correctly and to obtain the maximum benefit, the recuperator filters need to be changed several times a year on average, depending on the environmental conditions of the building. It should be taken into account whether the building is on a busy street, maybe there are constructions around or simply unpaved areas. Even surrounded by nature, it is not uncommon to want to protect yourself from various types of pollen entering the premises.

Air filtration is important both in living spaces and in offices, factories, warehouses and others. Fresh and clean air ensures well-being and has a positive effect on health. This is extremely important for allergic people, for whom purified air reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions and greatly improves the quality of life.

The quality of filtration also depends on the filter class. The higher the filter class (e.g. F7) – the more and finer harmful particles it captures. But such filters need to be changed more often than the lower class (e.g. M5). Due to the denser filter material, the higher class filters clog faster. It happens precisely because they trap more diverse and finer harmful particles. Often a combination of two filters is used, one of which is of a lower class and the other of a higher class. In this case, an optimal balance between filtration efficiency and filter life can be achieved.

MFilter online filter shop – here you will find quality panel, pocket, cassette and other filters for your air ventilation system. For the production of filters, we only use high quality materials with good technical characteristics from reliable and proven manufacturers. Together with new equipment and strict quality control, we can ensure the production of quality filters. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems have been implemented in the company. It obliges us to stretch even further and meet strict management and ecological standards.

For the possibility of purchasing other filter sizes, models or larger quantities, contact the specified contacts.

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